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Day 4

Bad Attitude and Good Attitude.

Attitude has defined earlier is a disposition or state of mind of an individual. Attitude can sometimes be positive (good) or negative (bad).

When we say an individual exhibits a positive attitude, that means we are saying the said individual shows signs of good conduct. While a negative attitude is when an individual shows signs of unfavorable symptoms in his or her character.

What is a Bad Attitude?

Bad Attitude is like a virus that affects an individual and makes him or her behave in an unpleasant manner. People with bad attitudes are described as: “Aggressive, arrogant, belligerent, blunt, callous, critical, cynical, dishonest, distant, envious, guarded, hostile, indifferent, intolerant, pessimistic, prejudiced, prideful, resentful, rude, sad, selfish, suspicious, unemotional, untrusting.”(extracted from Wikipedia).

Bad Attitudes that affect relationships are listed below.

1.Pride ; The minute you start thinking that you are better than your spouse, you are headed for trouble. Pride is the quality or state of being proud.

2. Ungratefulness ; The moment you stop appreciating your spouse in a relationship, trust me you are breaking the pillars of the relationship.

Focusing on what your spouse does not do, and overlooking all that he or she is doing well, is dangerous to your relationship.

3. Irritation/ annoyance ; Allowing yourself to be annoyed is a sign of your own immaturity.

4. Selfishness ; The condition of putting one's own interests before those of others. We should all try to make a marriage all about our needs and wants and not all about you.

What's Good Attitude ?

Good attitudes are those things we do that make us presentable in society. Individuals with good attitude or manners are regarded as well behaved fellows in the society.

Good attitude that in a relationship include the following :

Humility ; An honest evaluation of you and your spouse will remedy pride. Humility is the state of being humble

Gratitude ; This is the state of being grateful, apppriciate even the smallest gifts. A spouse that feels appreciated will usually bend over backwards to keep pleasing you.

Forgiveness ; when we learn to forgive the mistake of each other, we tend to stay longer and grow faster. Forgiveness is choosing not to hold anything against your spouse.

Selflessness ; The quality or state of being selfless which is having, exhibiting or motivated by no concern for oneself but for others.

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