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From the last content, we all learn clearing and forwarding involves the coordination and movement of goods/consignment from the country/states or cities of origin even across international borders to the country it's needed through the transport and logistics chain process.
There are professionals involved in this process which will lead us to the key players in the industry.

We have four key players which includes :
Freight forwarder
Customs brokers
Shipping companies and
Warehouse providers.

What is/ who is a Freight forwarder : These are professionals that serve as intermediaries who facilitate the transportation of goods from one location to another . They could be individual or group of companies with knowledge of logistics including bookings of cargo space, arranging transportation and documentation of cargoes. Their expertise is to ensure smooth and efficient movement of goods.

The custom brokers specialized in custom clearance, documentation and payment of custom charges. They help importers and exporters in complying with the regulations and procedures of customs. Custom brokers also ensure that shipment meets all legal requirements to aid in clearance of goods from the custom authorities.
Custom brokers could also be an individual or a group of companies with a registered custom license.
Example of a custom broker is Meedure Transcontinental Limited office situated at 7, Bornu crescent Apapa Lagos Nigeria.
08094499420 company phone number.

The next key players are the shipping companies who own and operate vessel (ships) for transportation of cargos especially in the international trade. They provide various shipping services i.e container shipping, bulk shipping , roro shipping facilitating the movement of goods across borders.
We have many shipping companies in the country but to mention but few:
Comet shipping Agencies
Mearsk line
Ocean network
Hull Blyth
Apmdc etc

The last key player are the warehouse providers as they offer storage and distribution services. They manage warehouse across the country where goods can be stored for future use. They also sort and prepare goods for shipment .
Warehouse providers could also be an individual or a group of companies with a physical warehouse with a good condition.

These four key players works together to ensure seamless movement of goods from manufactured countries to needed countries complying with legal requirements and also optimizing the logistics process for businesses and consumer .

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