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Nigeria national drama

They bind us with their thick grammer, they comes to our rescue only during the campaign era when they formulate another promise and tried to show caring and affection to the masses to blind us from seeing thier true nature and the stuff they are made off.

In Nigeria of today, we are face with the scarcity of fuel which is a natural resources bestowed upon us to save us from slavery and be a stepping stone into civilised world.
But our leaders been intoxicated by power and full of corruption drag the nation backward on the country quest for civilization.

How can fuel be scarces in a that has crude oil in abundance well it was gathered that the Nation government said they found some amount of unsafe substance called *methanol* innthe petrol been imported to the country and this has caused the reason for fuel shortage in Nigeria that has led to long queue in most cities and state across the nation.

For those of us that doesnty know what *methanol* is a simplest aliphatic alcohol, CH3OH; a colourless, toxic, inflammable liquid, used as a solvent, antifreeze, in the chemical industry, and in the preparation of methylated spirit. (Source Oxford dictionary).
The government said methanol, a substance that is usually present in petrol, found in the product exceeded Nigeria’s specification. . This has led to the affected fuel being kept off the supply chain.

In the cause of this shortage in the country some petrol station has found joy in milking the poor pocket dry as they change their petrol stand meter, some even went to the extent of increasing the price per litre of thier station why some doesn't even bother to sell for people with keg or Jerry can.

In this crisis the rich are getting richer and the poor keep on swimming in poverty.(well not surprised as that has been the slogan on the street these day)

Some fatal occurannce has been registered like fatal accident that has led to lost of live and properties , injuries and even fight among lovey ones. All thanks to our country Government.

  • Nigeria is my country
    Nigeria e go better
    E go better we were brought up with
    Soon E go better will be the national anthem
    For it to be better let join hands so it wont be scatter
    E go better make he start from I and you
    When we are better then Nigeria can be best
    Don’t give up on your country.

Written by Abdulrahmon Sodiq olawale

Popularly known as KingRahmsod




I'm a clearing and forwarding agent with a certificate in Public Administration, a certified human manager, PA and a writer.